From halfway across the globe here comes a Malaysian pop-rock band with an insatiable avidity to rise to prominence in the American music scene. Despite having achieved multiple record and radio successes in Malaysia and its neighboring regions, the band has always aspired to bring their music elsewhere. “It has always been our dream to make it big in the U.S. where music is deeply integrated into its culture. You know you made it in music when you make it in America,” says Gerald Sellan, drummer of Beat The System.
Gerald was 15 years old when he first heard the band Creed on radio. “I was so blown away by their music that instead of first finding out more about Creed, I researched on the person who discovered the band. After having found her name, I remember vividly praying to God that one day, my band will be discovered by Diana Meltzer,” Gerald explains. Fast forward 10 years later, his prayer was answered when the award-winning former world no.1 A&R reached out to him and his band.
With multiple internationally recognized awards under their belt, Beat The System is set to cross another milestone in their music career in today’s immensely competitive mainstream music scene. The band consists of lead singer May Leigh, lead guitarist Stewart Sellan, drummer/songwriter Gerald, and songwriter Adrian Puan. Together, the band has written and produced a 12-track album that reflects their journey through life, of love lost, love found, and what once was and is now.
“Every song in our album tells a different story at a different stage of our lives, and like life itself, it has its upbeats, it has its ballads, it has its anguish, it has its tranquility. Releasing our songs out there is practically like baring our heart and soul for all to see, or in this case, to listen to,” says Gerald. “The road that led to our finished product has not been an easy one. It is only by God’s grace that we’re able to get to where we are today and where we will be tomorrow. All we ask is for listeners to let us into their lives, allow us to share their pain, their joy, their anger, and their acceptance as we embark on this magical journey together.”